Do you know that you can generate your own power and
become absolutely self sustained house or office!

  • No more bill shock! Use your own solar power to generate electricity to reduce your power bills and become independent
  • Emission & Noise free. Environment friendly, Sustainable Energy
  • Plug and Play & Maintenance free.
  • Low entry price! Start small and add extra batteries later as your needs grow, and your budget allows…
  • Highly configurable Single or Three phase options.
  • Deep Cycle Solar Gel battery of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery options
  • No More Blackouts !!!!

Hybrid Power Solution

KZ Power Hybrid Power Cube (HPC Series) is a hybrid power station designed and manufactured in Turkey. Hybrid Power Cube (HPC) combines Grid/Utility power, Solar Power, Batteries and Diesel or Gasoline Generator together.

Hybrid Power Cube (HPC), Checks the availability of the power options. The integrated, intelligent control panel provides you with the available power options and immediately detects the best option ‘according to the configuration selected’.

HPC allows you to use your own solar power to generate electricity to reduce your power bills and become independent from the grid.

Solar Input  Connect up to 15kW of Solar panels to MPPT
Power Output  3 to 45kW (single and three phase options)
Please ask for higher kW options
Backup Power  Highly configurable according to your needs
Battery Options From 1kWh to 30kWh with Deep Cycle solar Gel
Batteries or Lithium iron phosphate battery modules
Dimensions  1180H x 720W x 1190D (mm)
Weight (max.)  Depends on the configuration (Minimum 220 kgs)
Unit  IP53
Electrical Connection Hard wired to terminal block
Monitoring • Led monitoring system on HPC
• Optional monitoring system included with 4G SIM
• Optional Customer monitoring on mobile device


High Quality 
Fully engineered, factory assembled and tested in Istanbul Turkey . Highest quality Deep Cycle Solar Gel or Lithium Iron Phosphate battery modules.

Meets International standards ISO 9001, 14001, Ohsas and

CE Qualifies for Government Assistance
Designed to meet current and future governmentsupport program requirements.

Choice of Battery Size
From 1 to 30kWh capacity. larger battery means longer autonomy especially valuable in areas with regular power outages.

If no battery is installed yet, then HPC operates with solar panels only (no backup function), howeverbatteries can be added easily any time in the future .

Easy to Install Battery System (<3 hours)
HPC has plug and play connections points for PV panels, Grid energy and for the diesel generator. All you have to do is to connect appropriate cables and press the on button. HPC is absolutely maintenance free

Remote Monitoring
With an internet connection on site, the system can be remotely monitored. Optional remote monitoring service available with 4G sim card solution.

By using first alternative energies available on site HPC plus reduces electricity usage from the grid and provide an option to sell back your access power to the grid thanks to the Hybrid inverter installed inside.

Warranty & Support
Our systems are fully backed with 3 year system and 10-year repair/replacement warranty.